Marketing & Trade

India’s domestic herbal industry is represented by 8610 licensed herbal units, thousands of cottage level unregulated herbal units and millions of folk healers and household level users of thousands of herbal raw drugs on one hand and a complex trade web on the other that channels the herbal raw drugs from various supply sources to the end users. Thus, to understand the Marketing and trade of the sector, a focus on Demand and Supply of medicinal plants is very important. The canvas portraying demand and supply of medicinal plants in the country is itself very complex.

Currently Marketing of Medicinal Plant produce happens through Mandis and other wholesale markets. There are numerous intermediaries. Trade is rather opaque and information on prices, arrivals and other trends are not easily accessible to farmers/growers. RSMPB has been initiating many steps in order to fill this gap.

The commercialization of the production of classical ASU formulations requiring large quantities of wild harvested, cultivated or imported herbal raw drugs has witnessed the emergence of a thriving raw drug trade. It has become necessary to know the annual consumption levels of the herbal raw drugs and the trends of their use to effectively manage the resource for ensuring sustainable supplies to the herbal industry, folk users and growing global markets. RSMPB has been from time to time commissioning studies to understand annual trade levels of medicinal plants.