International Cooperation

India represents one of the most important centers of knowledge with regard to the use of medicinal plants for treatment of various diseases. One of the strategic directions for the development of the medicinal plant sector is to represent our knowledge at international level. India has recognized that medicinal plant sector goes beyond national considerations, which can only be addressed along with international cooperation and coordination.

For global promotion & support to medicinal plant sector, RSMPB, Ministry of AYUSH has developed a standard ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Bilateral Collaboration in the Field of Medicinal Plants’ which could be appropriately fine-tuned for country specific needs for collaboration requirements.

For international cooperation the RSMPB, under its Central Sector Scheme also supports following activities as per the scheme guidelines:

  • Participation in meetings of the relevant agencies at the international level
  • Exchange visits of experts with countries of interest especially those having similar biogeography as India
  • Participation in reputed international seminars/exhibitions on botanicals World Wide. This would also entail subsidizing industry desirous of such participation on reimbursement basis
  • Setting up information centers on medicinal plants in Indian Missions abroad
  • Providing financial assistance for acquiring international certification
  • Subsidizing specific market promoting activities like product registrations, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) affirmation, international certifications, positive listing of Indian botanicals in the importing countries
  • Resolving issues of botanical ingredients which have been illogically banned by some international regulatory bodies
  • Commissioning studies on international regulations in the medicinal plants sector as knowledge about this is scarce at present.