IEC & Training

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Activities

RSMPB involve in Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities for disseminating the traditional knowledge among the masses with the objective of spreading awareness about Medicinal Plants. Such activities are being taken up by RSMPB for development of Medicinal Plants sector in India. RSMPB provides the financial assistance to IEC activities as per operational guidelines mentioned in Central Sector Scheme of RSMPB.

Awareness Building, Exposure Visits, Education and Capacity Building of Stakeholders through Information Education and Communication (IEC) strategy:

Medicinal plant sector involves an array of stakeholders varying from resource managers, cultivators, gatherers, supply chain intermediaries, traders, local healers, researchers to manufactures and exporters. It is necessary to disseminate information on different aspects of medicinal plants like harvesting from wild, cultivation technologies, manufacturing, proper handling of raw material, trade etc among various target groups about the importance of development and management through an appropriate outreach strategy, Capacity building, appropriate recognition, incentivisation etc.


  • Publicity through regular participation in Exhibitions/Fairs
  • Aushadi Vanaspati Mitra Program (AVM)
  • Organizing Workshops/Seminars/Conferences/Arogya Fair etc.
  • Setting up of Facilitation Centres
  • Medicinal Plant Species specific/ Campaigns
  • Systematic use of Multimedia and other appropriate communication tools.
  • Publication of Periodicals/Magazines and Newsletters
  • Training and Capacity Building initiatives.